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In 2003, with many years of experience in the construction industry behind me and with the intention of offering a new alternative based on quality design in the province of Asturias, I set about creating the one-man limited company desarrollos en construcción Iván Remis.



Initially focused on single-family homes, dencóir s.l. began to expand its services to the commercial sphere in response to client demand, taking on the design and execution of projects for business entities.



Over time, the seriousness, the expertise and, ultimately, the signature style of dencóir s.l., has established the company, in Asturias and beyond, as a quality alternative for those who want the peace of mind of knowing that their future home or business is in the hands of dedicated and committed professionals.



Adapting itself at all times to market conditions, dencóir s.l. knows how to satisfy the needs of all those involved in the development of a project, and maintains strict payment terms with suppliers, workers and other personnel.



During its more than ten years of existence, dencóir s.l. has developed a company policy based on meeting deadlines, transparency, commitment to and respect for the environment, and the selection of competent workers who are up to the task.



dencóir’s s.l. commitment to using the latest methods and techniques, along with the excellent relationships established with clients and the fulfilment of their expectations, has won people’s trust and respect, and led to countless personal recommendations, which, in the end, is the best form of advertising.


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